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Ontario Highway 20A (Windermere Cut-Off) Quick Facts:
  • Years in Existence: 1932-1952
  • Current Status: Decommissioned
  • Current Names: Burlington Street, Windermere Road & Woodward Avenue
  • Location: Southern Ontario
  • Counties Served: Hamilton (Wentworth)
  • Towns Served: Hamilton
  • Western Terminus: East Hamilton City Limit (Strathearne Avenue)
  • Eastern Terminus: QEW & Hwy 20 - Hamilton Beach
  • Length in 1952: 2.2 km / 1.4 miles
HWY 20A ROUTE MARKER - © Josh Anderchek
King's Highway 20A Sign
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History of King's Highway 20A (Windermere Cut-Off):

There have been three different routes in Ontario numbered as King's Highway 20A. This section of Highway 20A ran along the eastern side of Hamilton Harbour and joined Highway 20 north of Stoney Creek. The route was often referred to as the Windermere Cut-Off. Two other discontinuous sections of Highway 20A existed south of Bismarck and west of Elfrida on Hamilton Mountain.

The Windermere Cut-Off near Stoney Creek was first assumed as a provincial highway in the 1920s. Originally, the road was considered to be a portion of Highway 8A, but the road was renumbered as Highway 20A in 1932. The highway ran from the eastern Hamilton City Limits out to the Highway 20 Junction at Hamilton Beach. Department of Highways' records indicate that Highway 20A was 2.2 km long, and only went as far west as the Hamilton City Limits. However, the City of Hamilton decided to sign a continuation of Highway 20A's route through the city in order to provide a connection to Highway 8 (Main Street). The city-posted route of Highway 20A continued west along Beach Road from Strathearne Avenue to Ottawa Street. At this point, the city-posted route of Highway 20A turned south to join with Main Street. The city-posted route of Highway 20A was rerouted from Ottawa Street onto Kenilworth Avenue in 1947. As a result of an expansion of the Hamilton City Limits in the 1940s, the provincially-owned section of Highway 20A lying between Strathearne Avenue and the revised Hamilton City Limits just east of Parkdale Avenue was transferred from the province to the City of Hamilton, effective February 4, 1944. The balance of the highway from just east of Parkdale Avenue easterly to the Queen Elizabeth Way & Highway 20 Junction was transferred to the City of Hamilton on October 17, 1949. The route of Highway 20A continued to be signed by the City of Hamilton up until the early 1950s, when the route was decommissioned altogether. Highway 20A was last shown on the 1951 Official Ontario Road Map, which suggests that the route ceased to be signed by the City of Hamilton during 1952. The former route of Highway 20A is now known by its local street names only.


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