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Ontario Highway 28B Quick Facts:
  • Years in Existence: 1959-1964
  • Current Status: Decommissioned in 1964
  • Current Name: Charlotte Street, George Street, Water Street & Park Hill Road
  • Location: Central Ontario
  • Counties Served: Peterborough
  • Towns Served: Peterborough
  • Southern Terminus: Hwy 28 - Peterborough
  • Northern Terminus: Hwy 28 - Peterborough
  • Length in 1963: 2.2 km / 1.4 miles
HWY 28B ROUTE MARKER - © Cameron Bevers
King's Highway 28B Sign © Cameron Bevers

History of King's Highway 28B:

King's Highway 28B was a relatively short-lived Business Route through Downtown Peterborough. Highway 28B was established in 1959, when the route of Highway 28 was relocated through Peterborough. The Peterborough Business Route ran between Charlotte and Park Streets to Park Hill Road. Basically, the Highway 28B Business Route followed Charlotte Street east and then continued north/south along the one-way George and Water Street combination to Park Hill Road. The Highway 28B Business Loop last appeared in the Department of Highways' Mileage Tables for 1963 and was not shown on the 1965 Edition of the Official Ontario Road Map. This suggests that the route was officially decommissioned sometime during 1964. However, recently-discovered historical photographs of Downtown Peterborough suggest that the route of Highway 28B continued to be signed by the municipality up until the mid-1970s.

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