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Ontario Highway 2A (Windsor) Quick Facts:
  • Years in Existence: 1929-1938
  • Current Status: Renumbered as Hwy 98 in 1938
  • Current Name: Essex Road 46
  • Location: Southern Ontario
  • Counties Served: Essex
  • Towns Served: Windsor & Tilbury
  • Western Terminus: Hwy 2 - Windsor
  • Eastern Terminus: Hwy 2 - Tilbury
  • Length in 1938: 55 km / 34.2 miles
King's Highway 2A Sign
Image courtesy of Jamie Malecki

History of King's Highway 2A (Windsor):

King's Highway 2A was an alternate route that existed in the Windsor area from 1929 until 1938. The route began very modestly in 1929, after Highway 2 was rerouted west of Maidstone. Previously, Highway 2 turned south for 1.9 km at Maidstone, and then ran westerly into Windsor via Talbot Road and Dougall Avenue, concurrently with Highway 3. The short section of bypassed highway between Highway 2 and Highway 3 in Maidstone became Highway 2A.

In 1930, another new highway was commissioned in the Windsor area. This new highway between Tilbury and Windsor was initially known as Highway 18, which was first assumed by the province on June 11, 1930. This highway was intended to serve as an alternate route to Highway 2 between Tilbury and Windsor. However, the new Highway 18 was far more direct than Highway 2. The Department of Highways of Ontario (DHO) quickly decided to renumber Highway 18. On December 16th, 1931, a new route for Highway 18 was established from Windsor southerly to Amherstburg and Leamington. A major route renumbering of the two Windsor-Tilbury highways then ensued. The original route of Highway 18 was renumbered as Highway 2, and the old route of Highway 2 became Highway 2A. The old route of Highway 2A through Maidstone was in turn renumbered as Highway 3B

The new route of Highway 2A was 55 km in length. It was somewhat longer than the new Highway 2 route from Windsor to Tilbury. In 1938, the entire route of Highway 2A was renumbered as Highway 98. A different, unrelated Highway 2A existed near Toronto from 1947 to 1997.


Additional Information About King's Highway 2A:

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