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Ontario Highway 3B (Tillsonburg) Quick Facts:
  • Years in Existence: 1973-1978
  • Current Status: Decommissioned in 1978
  • Current Name: Oxford Road 51
  • Location: Southern Ontario
  • Counties Served: Oxford
  • Towns Served: Tillsonburg
  • Western Terminus: Hwy 3 - West of Tillsonburg
  • Eastern Terminus: Hwy 3 - Tillsonburg
  • Length in 1977: 5.1 km / 3.2 miles
King's Highway 3B Sign
Image courtesy of Jamie Malecki

History of King's Highway 3B (Tillsonburg):

Tillsonburg's King's Highway 3B was created in 1973, when a new Highway 3 Bypass was completed around the southern side of Tillsonburg. The old Highway 3 route through downtown along John Pound Road, Oxford Street and Simcoe Street was redesignated as Highway 3B. A portion of Highway 3B ran concurrently with Highway 19, from Broadway Street to Vienna Road. The route lasted only until 1978, when it was formally decommissioned. Two other Highway 3B routes have existed in Ontario. The other two routes were located in the Windsor area and were not related in any way to Tillsonburg's Highway 3B.


Additional Information About King's Highway 3B:

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