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Ontario Highway 655 Quick Facts:
  • Years in Existence: 1965-Present
  • Current Status: In Service
  • Location: Northeastern Ontario
  • District Served: Cochrane
  • Towns Served: Timmins
  • Southern Terminus: Hwy 101 Junction - Timmins
  • Northern Terminus: Hwy 11 Junction - Driftwood
  • Current Length: 75.1 km / 46.6 miles
HWY 655 - © Cameron Bevers
Secondary Highway 655 Sign © Cameron Bevers

History of Secondary Highway 655:

Secondary Highway 655 provides an important access route between Timmins and Smooth Rock Falls. The highway was opened in several stages over a 14-year period. On May 20, 1965, a 7 km section of the road leading north from Highway 101 towards the Texas Gulf Mine was designated as Highway 655. On September 29, 1966, the remainder of the access road leading up to the Texas Gulf Mine was designated as Highway 655 as well. The highway was then 21 km long, a length which it retained for a number of years. In the 1970s, the Ministry of Transportation made plans to build an extension of Highway 655 from the Texas Gulf Mine up to Highway 11 at Driftwood. Construction began on this highway in 1975, and it was completed and opened to traffic in 1978. The highway is presently 75 km long. Unless posted otherwise, the speed limit on Highway 655 is 90 km/h (55 mph). Highway 655 is the only Secondary Highway in Ontario to have a speed limit in excess of 80 km/h. Warning: There are no gas stations along Highway 655.

Photographic History of Secondary Highway 655

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