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Ontario Highway 662 Quick Facts:
  • Years in Existence: 1970s
  • Current Status: Renumbered as Hwy 7082 during the 1970s
  • Current Names: Smith Street & McIntyre Street
  • Location: Northeastern Ontario
  • District Served: Sudbury
  • Towns Served: Nairn Centre
  • Southern Terminus: Hwy 17 - Nairn Centre
  • Northern Terminus: Spanish River Road - Nairn Centre
  • Length in 1970: 0.9 km / 0.6 miles
HWY 662 ROUTE MARKER - © Josh Anderchek
Secondary Highway 662 Sign © Josh Anderchek

History of Secondary Highway 662:

Secondary Highway 662 was a local highway that served as an access road through the community of Nairn Centre, west of Sudbury. The history of this route is somewhat of a mystery. In September 1970, the Department of Highways of Ontario (DHO) prepared an Assumption Plan showing the proposed acquisition of sections of Smith Street and McIntyre Street in Nairn Centre as a new provincial highway. The plan indicated that this new road was to be designated as Secondary Highway 662. The plan was registered on October 21, 1970, but at some point thereafter, the route number was changed from Highway 662 to an unposted 7000-series highway designation (Highway 7082). However, the route of Highway 7082 also included a substantial portion of the former alignment of Highway 17 between Nairn Centre and Whitefish. It is not certain at this time whether Highway 662 was ever actually a posted route number along the highway. Given the extremely short length of the highway and the fact that it only intersected with an unposted 7000-series highway at its northern terminus, it seems doubtful that the Highway 662 route number was ever posted along the highway. It should also be noted that Highway 662 never appeared on the Official Ontario Road Map. Today, the former route of Highway 662 is paved with a posted speed limit of 50 km/h (30 mph). There are no services on this highway, although there are services located along Highway 17 through Nairn Centre.

Photographic History of Secondary Highway 662

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