Hwy 79A Hwy 79A Hwy 79A   

Ontario Highway 79A Quick Facts:
  • Years in Existence: 1937-1965
  • Current Status: Decommissioned in 1965
  • Current Name: Chatham-Kent Road 22
  • Location: Southern Ontario
  • Counties Served: Chatham-Kent
  • Towns Served: Bothwell
  • Southern Terminus: Hwy 2 - South of Bothwell
  • Northern Terminus: Hwy 79 - Bothwell
  • Length in 1965: 2.9 km / 1.8 miles
HWY 79A ROUTE MARKER - © Josh Anderchek
King's Highway 79A Sign
© Josh Anderchek

History of King's Highway 79A:

The actual existence of Highway 79A has not been confirmed. When Highway 79 was first commissioned in 1937, there was both an east and west access road between Highway 2 and Bothwell. The western access road (West Bothwell Road) was always considered to be Highway 79, right up until the highway was downloaded in 1998. However, the eastern access road (Peter Road) appears on nearly all Ontario highway maps until 1970 as an unnumbered King's Highway. It is assumed that this unnumbered King's Highway was called Highway 79A, as its connecting purpose seemed to be very similar in nature to Highway 98A near Maidstone. This is not, however, an established fact. What is known is that Peter Road was re-designated from its unknown number (whatever number it actually was) to Highway 7106 in August 1965. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation uses "7000-series" numbers to denote highways which are provincially maintained, but are not actually signed provincial highways. Peter Road in Bothwell was one of those highways. Its status did not last long, however. On May 21, 1970, Highway 7106 was decommissioned and transferred to the County of Kent. Peter Road is also known today as Chatham-Kent Road 22. If any long-term resident of the Bothwell area could confirm whether or not Highway 79A actually existed, it would be greatly appreciated.


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