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Welcome to the Secondary Highway 599 Photograph Index Page! This directory will allow you to access nearly 75 historical and present day photographs of Ontario's Secondary Highway 599. Looking for a different highway? Please return to the main Photograph Index Page if you are looking for photos of any other Ontario highway.

Search Tip: Due to the number of Highway 599 photos available, they have been subdivided onto several different pages. Historical photos of Highway 599 from the 1940s up until the 2000s are organized chronologically, while present day photos are organized by location from Ignace to Otoskwin River (south to north). Please select a link on the page below to further refine your Highway 23 photograph search. Enjoy!

Photo at Right: Grading for a new Resource Road (Hwy 599) about 30 miles south of Savant Lake, Contract #1963-102. Photo taken in 1963.
(Photo courtesy of Ontario Ministry of Transportation  -  © King's Printer for Ontario, 1963)

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Secondary Highway 599 Photographs

Hwy 599 Photographs - Page #1 - Historical Photographs of Hwy 599 (1949 to 2009) &
 Present Day Photographs of Hwy 599 from Ignace to Savant Lake
Hwy 599 Photographs - Page #2 - Present Day Photographs of Hwy 599 from Savant Lake Pickle Lake
Hwy 599 Photographs - Page #3 - Present Day Photographs of Hwy 599 from Pickle Lake to Northern Terminus

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