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All distances are in Kilometres - Mileage Data Courtesy of MTO
Updated to January 1, 2013

Distance from Distance from
Highway 400 Sudbury
0.0Hwy 400 - End of 4-lane Highway (1.8 km North of Hwy 559 Interchange)138.2
6.7Proposed Woods Road Overpass131.5
14.9Hwy 7182 Junction (Shebeshekong Road)123.3
24.4Hwy 644 Junction (Pointe-au-Baril)113.8
26.3Hwy 529 South Junction (To Bayfield Inlet)111.9
36.3Harris River Bridge101.9
46.3Hwy 529 North Junction (To Byng Inlet)91.9
51.5Hwy 526 Junction (To Britt)86.7
64.3Hwy 522 Junction (Grundy Lake)73.9
76.6French River Bridge (Sudbury-Parry Sound District Boundary)61.6
78.9Hwy 607 Junction (To French River Station)59.3
88.3Hwy 64 Junction (Rutter)49.9
100.3Murdock River Bridge37.9
105.1Hwy 637 Interchange (To Killarney)33.0
116.7Hwy 7285 Interchange (Nelson Road)21.5
125.8Hwy 537 Interchange (Wanup)12.3
131.8Hwy 7279 Interchange (Estaire Road)6.4
138.2Hwy 17 Interchange (Sudbury)0.0

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