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This page contains historical photos of Ontario's King's Highway 120 dating from 1951 to 1960. All photographs displayed on this page were taken by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, unless specifically noted otherwise. Historical photographs are arranged in approximate chronological order. Please note that Highway 120 was renumbered as Highway 11 in 1960. All post-1960 photographs of Highway 120 are located on the Highway 11 Photos Pages. Click on any thumbnail to see a larger image!

Please note that all photographs displayed on this website are protected by copyright. These photographs must not be reproduced, published, electronically stored or copied, distributed, or posted onto other websites without my written permission. If you want to use photos from this website, please email me first for permission. Thank-you!

Historical King's Highway 120 Photographs

HWY 120 #2

Above - New bridge and rock cut on Hwy 120, facing east towards Port Arthur (1953)
(Photo courtesy of Ontario Ministry of Transportation  -  © King's Printer for Ontario, 1953)

HWY 120 #3

Above - Clearing a rock cut on new Hwy 120 near Atikokan (1953)
(Photo courtesy of Ontario Ministry of Transportation  -  © King's Printer for Ontario, 1953)

HWY 120 #1

Above - Postcard view of Hwy 120, between Shebandowan and Atikokan (ca. 1957)
(Photo courtesy of The Camera Shop, Port Arthur)

Present Day King's Highway 120 Photographs

Please Note - King's Highway 120 was renumbered as King's Highway 11 in 1960. To see present day photos of Hwy 120, please visit the Hwy 11 Photos Pages.

More King's Highway 120 Photographs Coming Soon!

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