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This page contains historical and present day photos of Ontario's King's Highway 137. All photographs displayed on this page were taken by the Webmaster (Cameron Bevers), unless specifically noted otherwise. Historical photographs are arranged in approximate chronological order, while present day photographs (Year 2000 to date) are arranged by location from south to north. Click on any thumbnail to see a larger image!

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Historical King's Highway 137 Photographs

HWY 137 #4

Above - Aerial view of the Canadian side of the Thousand Islands-Ivy Lea Bridge (1938)
(Photo courtesy of Ontario Ministry of Transportation  -  © King's Printer for Ontario, 1938)

HWY 137 #5

Above - Circa 1940 postcard view of the International Span on the Thousand Islands-Ivy Lea Bridge Road. The Thousand Islands-Ivy Lea Bridge forms an important highway link between Canada and the United States. The crossing consists of a series of suspension, steel truss, steel arch and concrete rigid frame bridge spans. The boundary line between Canada and the United States is roughly at the mid-point of this narrow channel, which lies between Hill Island in Ontario and Wellesley Island in New York State. The tiny International Span was completed in 1938. With a single span length of a mere 50 feet (15 metres), the International Span was reportedly the shortest international bridge in the world at the time of its construction. This attractive concrete rigid frame structure was clad in decorative stone to complement the peaceful, natural surroundings of the Thousand Islands region. The decorative stone facade greatly enhances the aesthetics of this small but important highway bridge. See an Enlarged Photo here.

Present Day King's Highway 137 Photographs

HWY 137 #1 - © Cameron Bevers             HWY 137 #2 - © Cameron Bevers

Left - Facing north along Hwy 137 at Thousand Islands Parkway (Hwy 2S) interchange. See an Enlarged Photo here.
(Photograph taken on October 9, 2004  -  © Cameron Bevers)

Right - Facing south towards Ivy Lea Bridge from Thousand Islands Parkway (Hwy 2S) overpass. See an Enlarged Photo here.
(Photograph taken on October 9, 2004  -  © Cameron Bevers)

HWY 137 #3 - © Cameron Bevers

Above - Eastern side of the Ivy Lea Bridge on Hwy 137 connecting Hill Island to the Ontario mainland. This bridge is one of a series of bridges linking Ontario to the United States. This new highway connection was officially opened to traffic on August 18, 1938. See an Enlarged Photo here.
(Photograph taken on October 9, 2004  -  © Cameron Bevers)

More King's Highway 137 Photographs Coming Soon!

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