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This online photo gallery shows some of Ontario's earlier highway signs dating from the 1920s through the 1970s. All of these signs are from my personal collection, unless specifically noted otherwise. Old Ontario highway signs do not generally have a year or date code on them, but their age can be estimated based on slight differences in the reflective properties of the signs and minor design changes. I have estimated the age of each of my signs in the photo description. If you have any photographs of older Provincial Highway or King's Highway signs, I would be happy to add them to the photo gallery. You will be credited as the photographer or contributor. Click on any thumbnail to see a larger image!

Please note that all photographs displayed on this website are protected by copyright. These photographs must not be reproduced, published, electronically stored or copied, distributed, or posted onto other websites without my written permission. If you want to use photos from this website, please email me first for permission. Thank-you!

Page 2: Large King's Highway Signs (Used from 1955 to Present)

King's Hwy 7 Sign - © Cameron Bevers           King's Hwy 55 Sign - © Cameron Bevers           King's Hwy 102 Sign - © Cameron Bevers

Painted Hwy 7 Sign (ca. 1955)    -    Painted Hwy 55 Sign (ca. 1955)    -    Painted Hwy 102 Sign (ca. 1955)
(All photographs © Cameron Bevers)

King's Hwy 403 Sign - © Cameron Bevers           King's Hwy 405 Sign - © Cameron Bevers           King's Hwy 406 Sign - © Cameron Bevers

Painted Hwy 403 Sign (ca. 1965)    -    Painted Hwy 405 Sign (ca. 1965)    -    Painted Hwy 406 Sign (ca. 1965)
(All photographs © Cameron Bevers)

King's Hwy 24A Sign - © Cameron Bevers           King's Hwy 2 Junction Sign - © Cameron Bevers

Painted Hwy 24A Sign (ca. 1960)    -    Painted Hwy 2 Junction Sign (ca. 1955)
(All photographs © Cameron Bevers)

King's Hwy 11-69 Sign Assembly - © Cameron Bevers

Hwy 11 & Hwy 69 Sign Assembly (ca. 1970)
(All photographs © Cameron Bevers)

Back in 2002, I found this interesting sign assembly intact, with the original mounting bracket still attached. Presumably, it was left over "new stock" from a time when both of these highways ran concurrently between Washago and Gravenhurst. These two highways haven't shared a route together for almost 50 years.

Other Interesting Ontario Highway Signs

Square Stop Sign - © Cameron Bevers           Square Intersection Warning Sign - © Cameron Bevers

Square Stop Sign (ca. 1945)    -    Square Intersection Warning Sign (ca. 1940)
(All photographs © Cameron Bevers)

These interesting traffic signs were manufactured before Ontario adopted the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) standards in the mid-1950s. Until that time, stop signs used on provincial highways were square rather than octagonal, and were generally either white or yellow in colour. Pre-MUTCD stop signs had the wording "THROUGH - STOP - HIGHWAY", which was intended to be read by motorists as "STOP, Through Highway". The intersection sign shows an example of a typical warning sign used on provincial highways prior to the 1950s. Pre-MUTCD warning signs were square rather than diamond-shaped, and were typically white in colour. The MUTCD standards were introduced in order to standardize Ontario's highway signs with the highway signs that were already in use in other jurisdictions.

More King's Highway Sign Photos Coming Soon!

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