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Hwy 11 & 400 Photo - © Cameron Bevers
This menu will allow you to access mileage data for most of Ontario's King's Highways, plus a mileage table of distances between Toronto and other Ontario cities and destinations. Please select from the menu options below. To return to my Ontario Highways History website, please click here.

Left & Right - Guide signs for Hwy 400 and Hwy 11/17
Photographs taken by Cameron Bevers    © 2006
Hwy 11/17 Photo - © Cameron Bevers

Mileages from Toronto to Major Ontario Cities

Mileage Charts for Ontario 400-Series Highways

Mileage Charts for Ontario Highways 2 to 30

Mileage Charts for Ontario Highways 31 to 60

Mileage Charts for Ontario Highways 61 to 148

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