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Ontario Highway 805 Quick Facts:
  • Years in Existence: 1963-Present
  • Current Status: In Service
  • Location: Northeastern Ontario
  • Districts Served: Sudbury & Nipissing
  • Towns Served: None
  • Southern Terminus: Hwy 539A - West of River Valley
  • Northern Terminus: Pond Lake
  • Current Length: 52.5 km / 32.6 miles
HWY 805 ROUTE MARKER - © Cameron Bevers
Tertiary Highway 805 Sign © Cameron Bevers

History of Tertiary Highway 805:

Tertiary Highway 805 is a forest access road in the Sturgeon Falls area which provides road access to a remote area northeast of Sudbury. The highway runs from Highway 539A near River Valley northerly for over 50 km to the tiny community of Pond Lake. The road leading up to Pond Lake was designated as Highway 805 by an Order-in-Council, effective April 1, 1963. Highway 805 is essentially a continuation of Highway 539A beyond River Valley. In the early 1970s, Highway 539A was extended westerly from River Valley when a portion of the route of Highway 805 was re-designated as an extension of Highway 539A. The re-designation took effect on November 18, 1971. In the process, Highway 539A was extended by approximately 4 km, while the route of Highway 805 was reduced in length by the same distance. Highway 805 has not changed significantly since 1971, although sections of Highway 805 have been paved over the years. The highway is now paved from the Highway 539A Junction northerly for almost 25 km, with some intermittent gravel sections. The highway is maintained year-round, although there are no services north of River Valley.

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