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This index will allow you to access a collection of over 14,000 historical and present-day photographs of Ontario's highways from the 1920s up to present. Links to the most popular routes are shown immediately below. Links to other highway photograph pages from Hwy 2 to Hwy 812 are shown further down this page. Some of the links in the following list will appear to be unclickable. These pages will be added later as new photographs become available. Suffixed highway numbers can be found by clicking the parent highway number. For example, Hwy 2A & Hwy 2S photos can both be accessed using the Hwy 2 link below.

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HWY 401 $12

Morning rush hour traffic on Hwy 401 at
the Keele Street Interchange in Toronto (1958)

Photo © Archives of Ontario
(Series RG-14-162-2-27, Box B983, Photo #296)

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