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Ontario Highway 808 Quick Facts:
  • Years in Existence: 1966-1983
  • Current Status: Decommissioned
  • Current Names: NORT Road
  • Location: Northwestern Ontario
  • Districts Served: Kenora
  • Towns Served: Central Patricia
  • Southern Terminus: Hwy 599 - Central Patricia
  • Northern Terminus: Otoskwin River Bridge
  • Length: 60 km / 37 miles (Approx)
HWY 808 - © Cameron Bevers
Tertiary Highway 808 Sign © Cameron Bevers

History of Tertiary Highway 808:

Tertiary Highway 808 was once Ontario's most northern provincial highway. The highway started at the end of Highway 599 at Central Patricia, and continues north to the bridge over the Otoskwin River, located approximately 60 km north of Central Patricia. Highway 808 was originally created out of a highway renumbering in 1966. On December 6, 1966, a 60 km section of Highway 599 from Central Patricia to the Otoskwin River was re-designated as Highway 808. The highway lasted until 1983, when it was formally decommissioned as a provincial highway. The route was decommissioned as a numbered provincial highway, effective April 1, 1983.

The southernmost 3 km of Highway 808 is paved, but the balance of the highway is gravel-surfaced. Highway 808 is maintained year-round, as it forms an important connection to several ice roads, which are open during the winter months only. These ice roads intersect with Highway 808 at various points, and continue even further north to serve remote communities in Ontario's far north regions. There are no services available on Highway 808 north of Central Patricia.

Photographic History of Tertiary Highway 808

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