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All distances are in Kilometres - Mileage as reported by MTO

Distance from Distance from
Huntsville Renfrew
0.0Highway 11 Junction (Huntsville)253.9
2.6Muskoka Road 3 Junction (Huntsville)251.3
23.7Highway 35 Junction (Dwight)230.2
44.5Algonquin Park West Gate209.4
76.5Lake of Two Rivers177.4
109.8Highway 127 Junction (Whitney)144.1
128.8Highway 523 Junction (Madawaska)125.1
157.0Highway 62 South Junction (Barry's Bay)96.9
179.8Old Highway 62 North Junction, Renfrew Road 58 (To Pembroke)74.1
208.0Highway 41 North Junction (To Pembroke)45.9
211.8Highway 41 South Junction (Eganville)42.1
220.5Renfrew Road 8 Junction (To Cobden)33.4
227.9Renfrew Road 5 Junction (Douglas)26.0
249.7Highway 132 Junction (Renfrew)4.2
253.9Highway 17 Junction (Renfrew)0.0

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